git quicktips (2)

February 13, 2016
Git Tips

Some Conventions

  • Use imperative mood in the subject line, like Update getting started documentation
    • Can be checked by: If applied, this commit will <COMMIT SUBJECT>
  • Do not end with period .
  • Capitalize the subject line


Add SSH key to authenticate push behavior

$ ssh-keygen
$ cat ~/.ssh/                
# Copy SHA to your public key
$ git remote set-url origin

Add remote depo

$ git remote -v
$ git remote add upstream <URL>

Merge from remote depo

pull is to fetch then merge

$ git checkout master
$ git pull upstream master             # no local commits
$ git pull --rebase upstream master    # with local commits and avoid merge log
$ git push origin master

Stash working directory to non-added & newly created

$ git stash -k -u

Remove/Reset Commits

$ git reset --soft HEAD^          # Delete last commit with changes remaining
$ git reset --hard HEAD^          # Delete HEAD and change to previous version
$ git reset --hard ORIG_HEAD      # Reset to specific HEAD address
$ git push <upstream name> -f     # Force to push to remote depo

# Combination above reset and push can be altered by below
# (SHA-7)^ means the parent of SHA-7, + as a forced non-fastforward push.
$ git push upstream +dd61ab32^:master

Recommit Last Commit

$ git commit --amend
# Then there'll be a editor window to some add-files and commit name
# Remember that this is a NEW commit compared to the miss-committed one
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